Heavy Hitters, Singapore Invoice Issue, Christmas Retailer Bundle

Heavy Hitters, Singapore Invoice Issue, Christmas Retailer Bundle


Heavy Hitters brings the biggest, strongest, hardest hitting fun to Flesh and Blood gaming tables yet! Featuring six heroes across Brute, Guardian, and Warrior classes, crossover hybrid cards, and more weapons and equipment than any draftable set before, the number of options for how you bring your fight to the arena are huge!

We will be emailing stores this week regarding prerelease and release promo allocations.

Preorders will be available from Friday 1 December.


Unfortunately, due to a unexpected system update, we are currently unable to invoice using SGD.

If you are paying in SGD, please follow the payment instructions for the latest USD to SGD conversion rate.

We are looking at resolving this issue as soon as possible and apologise for any inconveniece caused.


Celebrate the festive season with this amazing bundle and receive some special playmats and promos!


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