Part the Mistveil PR Shipping and Kayo Armory Decks Now Available

Part the Mistveil PR Shipping and Kayo Armory Decks Now Available

Part the Mistveil Shipping this week!

Part the Mistveil product has begun shipping this week to stores hosting a prerelease event. It is expected to arrive in stores next week from 20 May 2024.

An important reminder:

Part the Mistveil booster product must be used for the Prerelease Event only and cannot be sold until the official release date, 31 May 2024.

Any remaining unused boosters/ boxes from your optional prize support must not be sold or distributed as prizing at any events outside of the Pre-release events prior to the release date.

Part the Mistveil Blitz Collection is part of Early Access promotion for Prerelease stores. Blitz Collections can be sold between 3pm local time on Friday, 24th May till end of Monday, 27th May.

Part the Mistveil Prerelease Information

Part the Mistveil information

Marketing Assets


Important Dates

Expected Prerelease delivery: From 20 May 2024

Prerelease Date: 24-27 May 2024

Official Release Date: 31 May 2024


Kayo Armory Deck Now Available

Kayo Armory Decks are now available for order. We have a limited quantity available and this is now available for all stores.

Armory Decks include new card designs in addition to foundational cards featured in tournament winning Kayo decks. An ideal way to pick-up and play at weekly Armory Events running in local game stores across the world!

Armory Deck Kayo contains a 60-card deck, plus hero, weapon, equipment, and token cards.

Kayo Deck Assets

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