Round the Table: FAB x TCC and Armory Kits

Round the Table: FAB x TCC and Armory Kits

Round the Table: TCC x LSS Preorder now available!

Flesh and Blood Round the Table: TCC x LSS contains 4 ready-to-play Blitz Decks designed for fun-flowing  Ultimate Pit Fight (UPF) multiplayer gameplay, featuring over 100 new cards, a 24” rubber playmat, and all packaged inside a Teklo Industries 1000ct storage box!

Release date: September 29, 2023

Please order this item separately from you Bright Light Preorder as they have different shipping dates.

We expect orders to start arriving in stores from 25 September.

We recommend Preorders by 19 September to ensure you receive the products in time for release.

October Armory Kits

We have just received the allocations for the October Armory kit.

We have emailed stores that have received an allocation. Please check your email (including your Spam folder).

If you did not receive an allocation and would like to start running Armory events, please contact us and we will provide you with more information.

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