Shipping Updates, Armory Kits and Bright Lights Preorder

Shipping Updates, Armory Kits and Bright Lights Preorder

Shipping Updates

Legendary Games Distribution is the new distributor for Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game in Asia and we appreciate customers feedback received regarding the new shipping fees.

To assist with a smooth transition, we now offer the same terms as the previous distributor.

Transitional Period Order and Shipping Fees

Minimum order is 5 cases.

Shipping Fee will be USD $20 per case.

Orders of 10+ cases qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

If you have already made an order that qualifies for Free Shipping, we will contact you shortly to make arrangements.

Unfortunately, Prerelease Event orders are unable to qualify for free shipping this time round due to our allocation system.

Please note, we will be reviewing our pricing and shipping fees. Any changes will apply from 1 November 2023. We will notify you of any changes before this date.


October Armory Kits coming soon!

Armory Kits will be available for order around the 15th of each month. We will send an email to qualifying stores to advise that their Armory kit is available to order.

Armory kits are free of charge and will be shipped for free!


Bright Lights Preorders now available

Please ensure you order pre-orders separately from in-stock items as they will be shipped together at the later date. The same applies to preorders with different release dates.

Preorder by the 24 September 2023 to ensure you receive your product for release.

Bright Lights Release Promo Flowpack (Refer to Allocation Email)

We have emailed stores who have been allocated Release Promo Flowpacks. Please ensure you include this with your Bright Lights Preorder.

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