Sorcery: Contested Realms

Sorcery: Contested Realms

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Sorcery: Contested Realm and is a trading card game showcasing hand-illustrated artwork, immersive gameplay, and a return to the core elements that made TCGs so popular.

The game is at its best in open play, inviting both players and spectators to lose themselves in the unfolding story. As a retailer, you'll have everything you need to support a thriving local community of Sorcerers.

Sorcery: Contested Realm Beta Booster Box and Playmat Expected Release Date: November 10th

Sorcery: Contested Realm Beta Elemental Preconstructed Box Expected Release Date: November 24th

Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Brunei

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Sorcery: Contested Realm – Beta Edition launches with a Social Play Store Kit for “Brick and Mortar” stores around the world, containing the exclusive items.

We have received an allocation of Social Play Store Kits and these will be allocated to selected stores in each region.

Create a retailer account to register your store with Erik’s Curiosa to appear on their global store locator and help spread the word. Your store now welcomes Sorcerers to your Contested Realm.

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Receive a Buy-A-Box Promo, Frank Frazetta Alternate Art Headless Haunt promo card, for each booster box preordered.

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