Sorcery - Preorders Available. HK and TW Region Update.

Sorcery - Preorders Available. HK and TW Region Update.

Legendary Games Distribution is Asia's Premier Distributor Of
Sorcery: Contested Realm. The trading card game showcases hand-illustrated artwork, immersive gameplay, and a return to the core elements that made TCGs so popular.

The game is at its best in open play, inviting both players and spectators to lose themselves in the unfolding story. As a retailer, you'll have everything you need to support a thriving local community of Sorcerers.

Our next wave of Sorcery: Contested Realm Beta Boxes and Preconstructed Decks is now available for preorder!

Expected Arrival Date: April 30th

Please note, the cost of Sorcery Booster Boxes from the manufacturer have increased. We will maintain the current price for preorders. The price increase will take place in April 2024.

We highly recommend prerodering now as stock is limited!

Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Brunei

We have updated our regions and will now be distributing Sorcery: Contested Realms to include Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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